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What is the Firefly Light?

The hanging pendant light can be constructed of copper tubing, metal, bamboo, or a variety of materials with a single low watt incandescent bulb. The clear incandescent bulb has a visible tungsten filament that lights up like a miniature torch, making it highly visible from afar without producing any glare. These hanging pendant lights can be installed individually or randomly placed groups.

The Firefly is a clean and simple distinctive pendant light that will transform your space into an ethereal atmosphere.  They are magical, elegant, tranquil, and unobtrusive.  The mystery of the Firefly lies in the miniature incandescent lamp. When slightly dimmed, this lamp will last as long, or even longer than LED. Fireflies operate on 12 volts requiring a properly sized low voltage transformer. 

Why Choose the Firefly Option?

The Firefly is remarkably unobtrusive and a great choice for "Dark Sky" friendly environments. While more commonly installed in trees with spreading canopies, the Firefly integrates beautifully with architectural structures such as arbors, pergolas and gazebos.

The Firefly is a unique, one of a kind fixture that will change the way you feel about landscape lighting. The Firefly pendant lights are a beautiful addition to any outdoor setting for either residential or commercial applications. The lights are a welcome addition to traditional landscape lighting by bringing life to the evening landscape and a sense of wonder and connection to the nighttime sky. The individual or clustered pendants float through the evening, gently drifting on the breeze animating the night with a natural charm.

Our firefly light customers receive endless compliments about the uniquely simple yet magical ambience these bring to their home or business. These firefly lights are a dazzling, one of a kind light fixture and provide a lasting impression that are a must see.

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