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Firefly by KFi

Firefly Pendant Light Design


Introducing Firefly by KFi Pendant Lighting

The Firefly is a clean and simple distinctive pendant light that will transform your space into an ethereal atmosphere.  They are magical, elegant, tranquil, and unobtrusive.  The mystery of the Firefly lies in the miniature incandescent lamp. When slightly dimmed, this lamp will last as long, or even longer than LED. Fireflies operate on 12 volts requiring a properly sized low voltage transformer.

Notes: Firefly pendant lights suspend from the low voltage cord that feeds the fixtures with power. The cord from which they suspend from must be 16 AWG 2/C PVC/NYLON TYPE TC DIRECT BURIAL, SUNLIGHT RESISTANT 600V


ATTENTION: Above listed “TC” (Tray Cable) MUST BE ROUND in order to function properly with rubber grommet/seal/strain relief.


The 12 volt DC base incandescent lamp is rated at 13 volts. Since the lamp (5,000 hour) has a higher voltage rating than the voltage that is delivered results in the lamp lasting longer. In order to extend the lamp life even longer the voltage must be reduced to the socket. Conservatively speaking for every 10% the voltage is reduced to the lamp you can double the lamp life. For example, by educing the voltage 10% (1.2 volts) now operating at 10.8 volts it can be expected the lamp will last 10,000 hours. Another 10% less voltage the lamp life would extend to 20,000 hours, which is more than 5 years.

There are numerous methods of lowering the voltage, one is to install a dimmer switch120v or 12v before or after the transformer. Another method is to manipulate the voltage drop by lengthening the 12 volt wire feeding the lights. As an example, if you have 10 Fireflies, there is 12 volts at the tree base, by adding 35 feet of 16 gage results would be 9.7 volts.

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