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Firefly by KFI Pendant Lighting Design
About the firefly

The Firefly is a clean and simple distinctive pendant light that will transform your space into an ethereal atmosphere. They are magical, elegant, tranquil, and unobtrusive. The mystery of the Firefly lies in the miniature incandescent lamp.


When slightly dimmed, this lamp will last as long, or even longer than LED. Fireflies operate on 12Vrequiring a properly sized low voltage transformer.


Meeting Room

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Elevate your lighting design


Our firefly pendant lighting customers receive endless compliments about the uniquely simple yet magical ambience these bring to their home or business.

The Firefly by KFi are welcomed in almost any environment. These firefly lights are a dazzling, one of a kind light fixture and provide a lasting impression that are a must see.

Dining Firefly Lighting


Inspiring impact


The lights are a welcome addition to traditional landscape lighting by bringing life to the evening landscape and a sense of wonder and connection to the nighttime sky. A stylish and unique fixture that transforms any space, interior or exterior, into a magically soothing atmosphere. 

Richmond Ave Plaza - Houston, TX


Commercial Design matters


The Firefly integrates beautifully with architectural structures such as arbors, pergolas and plazas. The Firefly has been installed in San Antonio at the Pearl, a commonly known mixed-use property restored from an old brewery. Landscape lighting companies scattered across the country are installing them for their customers nationwide.

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